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  • cap-light - Ball Cap Brim Personal Light

    cap-light - Ball Cap Brim Personal Light
    cap-light - Ball Cap Brim Personal Light
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    Now You Have The Power To Do More, With Our Rugged, Hands-Free Flashlight

    Your cap-light will quickly become an indispensable convenience at home, at work, or at the cottage. Just clip it to a baseball cap brim, and you’re ready to go! And go and go and go, since the powerful white LED lights have a 100,000 hour life span, AND because we used high-quality materials and workmanship in the manufacture of our product. So don't be fooled by cheap imitations that either won't last or don't compare in terms of convenient features and value.

    Turn on one, three, or five lights, depending on what you’re doing. Use your cap-light for distance lighting, such as walking the dog, or for close-up lighting situations such as fishing at dawn or dusk.

    If you happen to be a worm-picker, your job just got so much easier! In fact, there are so many occupations where direct hands-free lighting of the working area is useful. Electricians, plumbers, firefighters, hydro or phone repair workers, truck drivers, law enforcement... the list goes on and on.

    Use the cap-light for emergency lighting, reading maps or books, working on the car… the number of ways you’ll use it is something you’ll just keep on discovering as time goes on. And since the light easily clips or unclips to any cap, the hands-free flashlight can quickly become a hand-held flashlight, and vice-versa—always with 3 levels of brightness to choose from.

    The choice of lighting intensity is something that really sets our cap-light apart from some other cap-lights on the market. Clearly some situations require more light than others. Sometimes you don’t need, or even want a lot of light, especially when your choice of turning on 1, 3 or 5 lights can dramatically extend your battery life.

    The Cutting Edge cap-light is housed in a solid plastic ABS casing so that it is lightweight, yet ready to withstand years of handling. It comes complete with two lithium batteries that will provide up to 26 hours of continuous lighting under normal conditions, PLUS two extra batteries for your convenience. Add it all up, and the cap-light is an incredible value!

    You Want A Rugged Light That Will Last 

    Sure, you can buy a cap-light for a few dollars less, but you won't have saved a penny if it soons breaks down on you and you're stuck buying a new one.

    You take your cap on and off. You toss it on a table. You need your cap-light on a regular basis, and to extend battery life you regularly choose between 1, 3 or 5 LED lights on. These are the things we considered in the manufacturing process of the Cutting Edge Cap-Light. The result is a product you can depend on.

    • Our defect/return rate is 0.5%.
    • High-quality impact-resistant plastic ABS casing
    • High-quality electrical circuitry and switch
    • 100,000 hours LED lamp life
    • 2 spare lithium batteries included with every purchase

    With industrial grade materials and workmanship it's no wonder a municipal Canadian hydro company recently chose us the cap-light supplier for their employees.