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  • edge-mate - Skate Blade Sharpener

    edge-mate - Skate Blade Sharpener
    edge-mate - Skate Blade Sharpener
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    Sharpen Between Sharpenings: Always Get The Best Performance From Your Skate Blades.

    Why are more and more hockey players and even casual skating enthusiasts turning to edge-mate to improve their on ice performance? Like other great Cutting Edge products, edge-mate takes a classic problem and delivers a simple solution that people can easily appreciate.

    The problem with hand-held skate sharpeners in the past has been that they have never properly dealt with the concave nature of a skate blade's bottom.

    edge-mate is different. It shapes the blade surface in a concave manner, which is the key feature of professional sharpening machines.

    Simply match the notch in the sharpener with the concave bottom of the blade, and after just 2 or 3 passes with the tungsten carbide sharpening bit, you'll get back that skating performance you felt after your last professional sharpening.

    edge-mate comes supplied with a standard 5/8" sharpening bit, but you can also purchase easily interchangeable 3/8" and 1/2" bits to match the weight of the skater (such as children or adults) and hard or soft ice conditions.

    Let's face it: you don't always have time to get a professional sharpening done. Now there's edge-mate.

    Available at all Home Hardware stores across Canada

    The edge-mate Skate Blade Sharpener is such an effective product and good value for your hard-earned money, it's no wonder you can buy it at over 1000 Home Hardware stores across Canada

    A great way to discover the ingenuity behind this product is to read the product description from our patent application:

    "Ice skates feature blades having a concave arcuate lower surface defining sharp edges extending along the length of the blade on either side of the arc.  Forces exerted on these edges during the use of the skates tend to bend the tips of the arc out of their original generally vertical orientation into a horizontal orientation extending outward from each side of the blade.  This increases the surface area of the edges, effectively reducing their sharpness.  Hand tools can be used to grind away the portion of the flattened edges extending beyond the sides of the blade.  As the edges are flattened out, the arcuate surface takes on a more flattened shape which in turn increases the surface area of the edges.  So while grinding or deburring the edges as described above may slightly improve skate performance, it cannot sharpen the edges back to their original condition.

    In order to sharpen the skate blades properly, the only option has previously been to use a skate sharpening machine to grind the blade in such a way as to reform the concave surface.  The high cost of these machines results in a corresponding high cost to have the service performed.  As a result, there is a demand for an affordable skate sharpening device that can be used by an individual to shape the bottom surface of the blade in a concave manner to create sharp edges.”

    Discover the professional results you can get with the edge-mate skate sharpener for yourself. This recently introduced Cutting Edge product has been a steady seller.